Saturday, May 30, 2009


Be glad and thank God, one of my relative, Kak Lusi, has gave birth to her first son, named Dudey Hattus Siregar last Thursday. FYI, Dudey means Dua Delapan May-as his date of birth. So, I went to RSB Asih, Panglima Polim, to greet her, with Arlene this morning. First, i have to threaten him before i went there, so he won't disturb me and i could have a great family time there. We arrived at about 9.30 a.m. Fortunately, just both of Kak Lusi and Bang Marko there. We also had their first photo session-kinda want it someday hehe. I like RSB Asih, it was so comfortable, no wonder may artists went there to giving birth of their children. Have a long chit chat there, then had lunch with Bang Marko's parents while waiting for Opung Saragih-Purba (Kak Lusi's parents) plus the most annoying man, Bang Ferdy to come.

Nayy, Bang Ferdy joined our lunch, and ohh, they teased me there! Poor me, huh? Even Arlene laughed at me. Could you mind to make it better, bang? All they asked was you. Huff. Well, anyway, before i and Arlene went home, we had a little celebration for Opung. Today is her 61th birthday. Happy birthday, Pung. God bless you always. Mom was so thrilled when i told her the whole story after i got home. I had a great day and think that i have great week overall. Wow, thank you so much, God. Now, i have to study. I'll face my final exams next week. Then, facing holiday afterward. That'll be so lovely for me :)

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