Monday, June 1, 2009

Hey, June!

Hey, June! Don't make me sad ..... (i sang this song loudly when i watched Accross the Universe several week ago myself). Why i won't let June make me sad? It's because i really demand holiday now. Thank God, it's finally June, so i can re-arrange my plan for the next holiday. Umm, let me mention it one by one.

- After finish my whole final exam, i'll plan myself to have spendid shopping spree and great times with friends in Bandung. Hoping so much that i'll have friend who will accompany me to Bandung, also re-arrange me and their (Herlin, Ando and Epeng) schedules. Maybe it will be easier if Herlin has back to Bandung, so let us wait until next week. Loloy has confirmed me last night, that she'll join me to have short holiday there in Bandung. Oya, i also plan to visit some old friends, Yujin and Opa, miss them a lot!

- I still have another long holiday in Manado until August. Mm, i guess i also want to attend my cousin's wedding party on July 6 in Subang-Jawa Barat, but i'll follow what daddy wants me too. So, i just haven't decided when i'll back to Manado. But, me-mom-Sint-Darling had planned ourselves into a very great idea about holiday! *giggle*

- I want it badly, daddy. We all want it badly. Thus, we hoped you'll allow us to go, with you, please. It won't be a superb holiday without you. I believe that we all save with you, we promised won't bother you daddy, we loveeee you, with or without this treat, but, it'll be happier to us, to have you by our side. So, let you think yourself, i bet you'll agree with us *blink blink*

Now, i will continue my Bapres task. I hope i can finish it this week, so i can enjoy my weekend. I also had planned what will i do this weekend. Oh my, all i think was about holiday and enjoying time, now i have to focus to my 145 items, you'll be done sooner, baby. Enjoy your night, fellas. And also, try to manage your time for holiday, i'm hoping all of us will spent great time with people we loved the most this holiday. Amen!

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