Saturday, June 13, 2009

yuhuuu, finally

Thanks be to God, i can finish my exam so well. Yesterday was the last day, but, it became the most important day for us. We had 3 exam, 2 of them was collected our task, and 1 very stressful exam, Tes Inventori Kepribadian. We kept telling each other that we should not make any mistakes because one small mistakes will make us fail this class, and we didn't want it happen. Here's one of our task on Psikologi Orang Dewasa, a-80x60cm poster. I love it so much, love the colors, love our pictures below hihihi, hope that i can pass that class well.

on warnet, before collected our second task

After that, oh ya, we had a bit fought in warnet before, it's all because our unfinish task, but, thanks to Ibu Mini who'd wait for us to come, it was so lovely bu, and how you appreciate ours. Then, we had early lunch and prepared for the last exam in the library afterward. Got it finished, we all prayed for our best (Amen), we separated. Me, Yolan, Siska and Fetri (she already finished her exams and will back to Bangka this day, so we went out with her) while Caroline went home and Inggrid had to accompany her grandma. We four headed to MTA to watch 17 Again. But, before that, we had lunch (second time for me, Fetri and Siska hehe) on Noodle Cafe.

on Noodle Cafe

Then, watched 17 Again, starring Zac Efron ( HSM's star) and Matthew Perry (Chandler on Friends). Yah, it is a good movie since it was so meaningful. We passed our high school memories and welcomed college life. Just try to enjoy every steps in our life. No hard feeling on others, and hey, we all want better life, so, struggle for it. Me and my friends are on our way to make our dreams come true. No need to blame anyone if we didn't get that (like Mike did in this movie). We chose our way, be responsible with that and always give thanks to God. (Amen)

17 again!

So, the last but not the least, enjoyed Sour Sally eventhough i'm still full *giggled* I heart my greentea with mochi, well hey, i've tried to upload my photo via twitpic, and this is my first one.

everytime request on Sour Sally

We also eye-ed on Point Break to check their discount stuff, they had 80% discount, guys! Found a box for me, i need it to put some stuff for him, then to Gramedia before we went home. I got taxi first, and arrived home safely about 9p.m. Still have to clean my room, it all broke actually hehehe. But, i contined clean it today, and it all finished now. I've exhange my church outfit with bags, it made me easier to match my clothes with bags and shoes now hehe. I've separated my papers and textbooks on this semester and kept it on the box outside. My room is clean now, and i'm sleepy. So, good night people, enjoy your night :)

p.s : i hate him tonight. really.

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