Saturday, June 6, 2009

fulfilled D's wish

As i have wrote on my previous post, i went to somewhere cool to have a splendid weekend, then i chose Dunia Fantasi aka DuFan. I went there on Friday with Double Desi (Desilia and Desipus) and Arlene, but first we took Busway to Harmony then continued by taxi to Immigration Office on Kota to take my passport which i wished to be ready yesterday. Lucky me (since i woke up, i knew that Friday will be my day), the passport was ready to took. I was so thrilled to hold that dark green book. Happy, happy. *singing : senangnya hatiku, turun panas demamku, kini aku berangkat dengan riang, hehehehe*
i hold my passport, yippie!

Then, we headed to Museum Kota Tua Jakarta to kill time there because Dufan will be opened on 12p.m as Desilia said. Me and Arlene took pictures there, while double Desi rested themselves. They both tired before we play on DuFan. Oh, how come guys. So, me and Arlene let them have their time there, while we went around on that 2-floors-museum. After that, we walked to Busway's stopping to get taxi. Unlucky Desilia, her sandal broke off! Me and Arlene bought her Swallow sandal on a shop near to the market, passed Cafe Batavia. I want to eat there someday, i've plan myself from the very first time i went to Kota with Stallone hehe. After that, we took taxi to DuFan.

SURPRISE!!!! DuFan was still closed until 1.30 p.m!!! Gosh, can you imagine it? We have to wait for one and half hour. And it was so hot! The sunshine heated us a lot! I even believed that i became "menghitam" (it better for me to said menghitam instead of darker, huh? hahaha), and i proved it. Huh! The HopPop stand was still closed either. So, we just took pictures, sang out loud songs and watched every single car which entered DuFan. On 1 p.m, i asked them to walk near DuFan's locket, in case they had opened. And they had opened, already! Yayyy! I bought them tickets, another surprise, we had no discount with BNI card anymore :( Uhhh, i hate myself who didn't browse the day before. I made mistakes for letting ourselves wait for 1, 5 hours and now, have to pay ourselves IDR90000 + IDR12000. But, no need to grumble, we have to please ourselves to enjoy DuFan :)

Just see the whole pictures guys, and you'll know how i had fun with them in DuFan!

which one are the strongest girl?





in front of the carrousel

double Desi on their horses

me and Arlene on ours

*basah kuyuuuppp*

i hate big doll like her, but they loved her.

us after a long day :)

After 4 times tried Arung Jeram and had cold myself from top to toe, we changed clothes, and enjoy the band session in front of the carrousel. Then, we had late dinner in Platinum, CitraLand. I just want to enjoy hot tea, but with their Jasmine tea, it's okay. I am worried myself if i got cold the next day ( Saturday), but thanks God, i'm still in a good condition till today.
Thanks for the day, guys. Hoping that our next journey ( i hoped it will be on Planetarium) will be greater than it. But, be health guys, especially Desipus. See ya :)

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dzi said...

iya nie na..
kita musti jalan2 lagi..
next stasiun adalah planetarium ya...