Thursday, June 18, 2009

Pacific Place to Distros at Tebet

Fiuh, another days i've spent with walk and walk. Yesterday i went to Pacific Place with Mamon, Loloy and Inggi. The main aim was have lunch at Pancious Pancake. But, i wasn't entirely satisfy with their pancake. I had double, and i felt goddamn full after finished the food. O M G, me and Loloy didn't finish our lunch. After finished our lunch, Loloy went home to meet her daddy, so me, Mamon and Inggi continued sweeping around the mall (big one i think, and so many escalator too, long ones-i hate it). We entered almost all children store, Inggi bought something cute for baby Jenni, oh, i miss her too. I miss her tongue, it was so funny, Jen, really hehehe.

me and Inggi at YupiLand, Pacific Place

Today i went to Tebet again with Mamon and Loloy. It was our first experience. I bought my new wallet there, on Lockers. But, get unsatisfy because of Mamon, huff. I guess i want a new one, hope mommy will buy me soon, hihihi. I also bought a shirt for Sintong, i hope he'll likes it and also one for me from BLOOP. Ah ya, i also got 20% discount from Bloop Online, so i'm going to browse it after finishing this post. About my new shirt, i am planning to use it in my next holiday trip, it will be on next week actually hehe.

me and Loloy on our way home from Tebet

Tomorrow will be Friday. Loloy actually supposed to leave Jakarta tomorrow, but something weird happen so i guess i'll go with them to Mangdu tomorrow. But, i keep promising myself i won't shop tomorrow (if we go there), because i have my own shopping free on Saturday. Hihihi, it will be lovely, i bet. Uhhh, can't wait :-*

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