Tuesday, June 16, 2009


First of all, sorry because i am so much productive with this blog hehehe. In my previous post i told you that i'll post bout MOI tomorrow, but i can't help to wait because i am not sleepy yet, eventhough it's late already. So, here i come, with MOI's stories today.

with daddy-and-daughter -statue

me and Mamon played with the kids

*ngintipin mereka* hehe

they are cute actually hehe

in front of MOI-next to the freeway

I went there with Mamon and Loloy again (forget the part that we had to wait to Marlon to wake up, and then Inggi couldn't join us, because it was too late and she'd better be in Hospital either) at about 3 p.m. Then, here we are in MOI-Mall of Indonesia. The best part of that mall was MOILAND, but we chose to watch movie rather than play there. So, we went to Blitz Megaplex to watch Star Trek (i am sorry Stallone and Cliff, but i guess it's my best time to watch it) until 7 p.m. Had dinner afterward at their Food Connection. We took pictures there too, with their special statues, they had a lot! Funny pictures actually hahaha. After that, we went home, and now here i am, writing my post about MOI. Tomorrow, i am planning to go somewhere cool, hoped so much it will be greater than today. Uhh, i am so much enjoy Jakarta x)

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