Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Jakarta Fair 2009

I went to Jakarta Fair aka Pekan Raya Jakarta (PRJ) 2009 last night with Mamon and Loloy. We started our long journey before we got Kemayoran. Seriously! I wanted to go to Tomang first, so they followed me. After that we took taxi to Halte Monas (Transjakarta) because we had browsed the day before and it said that Transjakarta had 5 free busway to PRJ. We stopped there and we got nothing, so we asked to two men, and they said, we have to go to Halte Balai Kota. So, we took taxi (again) to Balai Kota. It's was so huge building, and they had no busway there! Can you imagine it? Even the security didn't know about busway there. Okay, so, if he didn't know, what could we say, huh? Security supposed to know everything in there, but he knew nothing. Getting angry and dissapointed, we took taxi (again, yes again!) to Kemayoran and arrived safely there, and it was full already. We arrived at about 5.30 p.m.

Marlon had to transfer money first so we went to ATM. After that, we ate Kerak Telor (the famous traditional food from Betawi. Mm, it was plain. Mamon dislike "abon" on it, but for me it doesn't matter. So, we stopped by the food court to have formal dinner-it means rice, guys hehe. I had Iga Goreng, Mamon had Sate Ayam, and Loloy had Bawal Bakar. I hate my food actually, so i didn't finish it. After that we sweeping almost all halls (i guess hehe) and took pictures. I got 2 shirts, actually i wanna buy some jeans, but i guess it's better for me to go shopping with mama next days (it really will be next days, hahaha).

Kerak Telor

three of us ate Kerak Telor




at little Borobudur

in front of Mapalus in Indofood hall

Then, it was suddenly 10 p.m. We got hungry for the second time, so we stopped by Indofood hall and had Indomie Goreng Cakalang as our supper haha. After that, we walked out, and took taxi home. Huff, it was a long day and night for me. Oya, today me and Loloy planned to go to MOI. It will be our first experience, with Inggi also i think. I hope it will be lovely as yesterday :)

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