Sunday, June 7, 2009

please understand me

i found it's hard to explain what i've done to people i loved the most yesterday. lucky you, you've been include now, manyun hehe. but, i really felt so sorry to let you all worry about me, especially my mom and dad. you both know why i got mad yesterday. you let it happened, without telling me. and what you supposed to wish me to do? i hate being alone, i hate being the one who didn't know anything. i hate surprise, i really did, even if it's good for me. i hate unplanned schedule, i hate misteries, i hate secrets! i am an open minded person, maybe you can say that i am a talkative one, extrovert person, i tell everything to people who i trusted to. so, why don't you tell me about any plan you had there? it doesn't mean that i lived here, in Jakarta, so you didn't allow me to know about everything happened in Manado. come on, ma. you knew how i missed you all, keep telling me what'd happened, okay?

and for you, my manyun, i am sorry, to bothered you with that simple yet annoying request yesterday. huff, i think we both had to learn more and more about each other. oya, thank you for your activities reports today. i am glad to know that i can trust you. it's hard to understand me, ya? i am sorry, will you forgive me? (i knew that mom will always forgive my childish side, so does manyun, cause i have apologized him yesterday and we had took our win-win solution, at least i think it is). try to understand me more ya :-*

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