Sunday, September 13, 2009


I'd like to put many cute things on my post, better than posting all my daily activities. So, i put a new label here, called it miscellanies or various miscellaneous (collections). What i put here could be mine, i am dying to have, or just a thing. But not just an ordinary one. I have several ideas of my next miscellaneous posts, but i chose this one to start the label.

Here's my first thing in miscellaneous:

one word : CUTEEEEE :)

I can't help falling in love at the first sight with this cute thing. I don't know this things' name, how to call it. It is not a watch, either a stand character. It powered by solar, and all i know its function is for putting it on your car. So, it will swing, when it touched by the sunlight. For me, who don't have car in Jakarta, i'll better put it on my room. One thing i believe, my mom will love it so much. She was about searching for this things to put on our car, but she haven't got a good one. But, me, i wasn't searching for this thing, suddenly i bought it hahaha.. I am so happy to look this cute thing. Eeyore, i adore you so much *kiss kiss*

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