Tuesday, September 8, 2009

looking for : self

I got an insight to write this post while watching Sheila Marcia Joseph's hot news on TV just now! Well, i won't tell her problems here, you can search it in all TV channels, but i wanna talk about how hard to find ourself. As a person, a college student, who took Psychology major, i can say that, Sheila's way to find herself is a wrong way. She used to be a drug user and it made her lived in prison for 7 months if i'm not mistaken. Now, the question is why?

As a adolescent, we love to try new things. We love adventures, we love to break the rules, especially our family ones. Men usually started with broke his curfew, smoked, drank or even used drugs. While girls (nows), yeah the same (i have to say the same, because all i wrote were all teen' problems, okei?). But if it all happened, who will be blamed?? Like Sheila Marcia, like any other teen, who will be blamed? Parents? teachers? nannys? their friends? No one, but themselves.

All i notice is, everything we did, the aim is to find ourself, to find which ones we love to do and make us happy, to find how to survive in life, how to reduce bad things, to determine our self, our own self. Abraham Maslow with his Motivation Theory said, that all things we do in life is to have our self actualization. You tried to fullfill your every need in life, you seek your self by others, by everything in life, but sometimes we took wrong way before the right one. And it all happened to us, it's humanity. But, if you did wrong again, you fell again and again in the same hole, it means you are worse than a donkey. Even a donkey won't to fall in the same hole.

Huahh, actually i don't know how to explain more about this self, because i, my self, am still on my way to find my self. I have many stories in life lately, i realize that i have to open my eyes, ears, heart, mind, to many things surround me. I loved my life, no regret to all i've been, i just do what i believe, with my heart completely. God bless..

p.s : i was so stuck with my research method task, so i started to edit my Japanese photos, here's one of them hehe..
i still laughed while seeing all the photos hehe

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