Thursday, October 1, 2009


Welcoming the tenth month, October :)

I'll list ten things i've thought about this month, they are :
1. My brothers will celebrate their 17 and 13 birthday, and i thanked God i've already known what they want (as they've asked me about a week ago) and both of their present are expensive! Well, i know that birthday is a right time to ask mamapapa to buy you something worth (as i did also) and my brothers knew it well, so, let us see. But i'm sure it will be theirs soon hehehe..

2. I'll have my mid term exams, started this Sunday. I still have 2 important observations to do, and still don't know where to find the perfect subjects. Though i've thought about it already, i'm still curious, hadehhh..

3. I will start a new thing, yeah, i've started yesterday and i guess i'll keep on doing that things:p

4. I have to cut my fringe, it looks terrible now hahaha..

5. I'll do my foot treatment more often, and also take a bath with warm water, or in other way is doing my own spa at home hahaha, thanks to my kost, i have a big bathroom my own, it helps a lot to do "relaxation".

6. I'll have two wedding receptions this month and i'll have fun with my high school friends there, though the bride and groom aren't my friends in high school hahahaha..

7. I've been canceled to be "something" in UNTAR, but i still wanna congrats UNTAR who'd celebrate it birthday today. My campus looked so pretty now, especially in the night. They made many lampions there, and now it looked more like my room hehehe. I love lampion, and i planned to use lampion in my future home.

8. I'll buy many books! (it a must, at least one book for one month, err.., maybe one book for two month if i have no time to go to Gramedia for a month)

9. Promising myself not to buy new clothes until December (hahaha, i'm laughing myself while writing this point, can i do that?? hahaha). Oya, don't forget to wear Batik tomorrow, i'll wear first Batik shirt tomorrow.

10. Before i pass exams, observations, and many hard days, i'll have holiday starting tomorrow, yippieee.. That's why i write a post today, while studying for exam. I can't wait. I know it will be great *blinking eyes

So, have a great welcoming October. No more cry and sadness (for me). I felt glad today, i used my tubular shawl, felt happy in bright blue also, wah, i know it will be a great month for me. God bless people, have a blessed day :)

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