Saturday, October 24, 2009

the last Earth Hour

I forgot the exact date of Earth Hour. The thing happened on that day was we had to switch off our lamps, or any electrical thingy to save earth. Well, me myself didn't do it. I just lived in 3x3metres room, without an emergency lamp, so if i switched off my lamps (there's just 2 lamps in my room, the other one is in my bathroom), i saw nothing and breathless. Besides, i didn't use many electrical thingy in room. Just AC, tv, laptop, water dispenser and 2 lamps. Not that much, right? So, i switched nothing off but tv (i am not a tv fan) on that hour. But i believe even if i didn't switch off the lamps, all over the world had done their job. Like this.

ps : i am amaze and promise in the next Earth Hour, i'll switch off my err.. AC, tv and lamps (i'd already had an emergence lamp now)

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