Sunday, October 18, 2009

my SOS's bday

Today is my oldest brother's birthday. In one post i wrote his name, it was an uncorrect name actually, because i mixed both of my brother's name. His real name is Sintong Oktavianus Siahaan. That's why i made it short with SOS. He also used it as his yahoo account, if i'm not mistaken. And today, he is seventeen! Time flew so fast, suddenly he's in his last year in high school and will enter college next year. He'll be on the same life stage with me, as a college student! My God! I gotta finish my college soon,or he'll catch me or leave me. Well, i guess it won't happen hahaha..

So, as our usual tradition in home, when one of us has birthday, we can choose to eat wherever we want. Me myself, haven't celebrate birthday with friends, just once, with my bestfriend and ex boyfriend. Overall, due to my birthday date is a strange date, i can't make any party, no one will come but families hehe.. My brothers too. It's not a tradition to celebrate birthday with friends, so today they just wanna had lunch and dinner out. Some of his close friends will join the families tonight. Mom called me after they got home after lunch and Sunday service, she don't want me to envy Sintong hehe.. Well, mom, i am not that childish, though i miss you all a lot! But, i know you'll remember me in every celebration in Manado:) I am okay here, and still have one more exam, and i even haven't touched it hahaha.. I hope i can manage my exam tomorrow before have some fun on the next day. Oh, God bless me.. Bless also my brothers and parents. I am about helping my brother to enter his dream college, i hope i can get any replies really sooner. I just can't wait until i get it hehe..

- i post it from my phone, i'll edit and post some pictures after my exam.. See yaa:)

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