Thursday, October 29, 2009

happy anniversary, bloggie :)

My twin celebrating her birthday today. It's you, bloggie x)
I didn't count how many posts i've written here, how many times i've changed it's background. How many comments i've received, how many happiness and sadness i've shared you. Thank you. You made me realize that i can share my thought, feeling, and experience. It's good to me, as my foot note in life. Yeah, you, you are one of the fact that me, Gressiana Siahaan was truly exist in this world. A human, who'd had many stories in life, many dreams and many experiences. I'd shared it to all of you, as my blog reader. And if no one read mine, i'll still write, i'll still here to be your twin x)

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Agina Manalu said...

turut berbahagia ya naaa ^^.. hehee..
keren ya anna rajin nulis,nda kayak kita yg ssah sx mngungkapkan tpe isi pikiran ke dlam bntuk tulisan >o<..