Wednesday, October 21, 2009

have an ACE day

This huge store will never make me bore. Guess what, it's cool to find it out on Puri Indah Mall, and it also connected with INDEX Furniture. It doubled my willing to go there again, hopefully on this year. Yeah, hopefully this year, because i'll have hard days after mid exams, gonna do some observations and method research that will be ended with final session (read : SIDANG - i'll have my first sidang this year!). Besides, i have to go with car or taxi, so i can put many things i (will) buy safely. Well, yesterday, i decided to go with public angkot, because it's my first time to go there, because it's better for me to know the exact location of this mall, so i won't get lost if i go with taxi. Err... the other important part is, i also need my daddy to help me to pay all things i wish for in ACE hahaha.. Just like yesterday, i just bought some room decor, to put on my wall. I haven't put it yet, due to many tasks to do today, maybe i'll put its pictures after i put them.

I told Loloy, who'd accompany me, that i don't mind if my future husband (say Amen!) won't give me any "mas kawin" BUT he have to let me choose anything i want in ACE hahaha.. I wish i could full my future home (say Amen again!) with its stuffs. This shop is really watering my mouth, and it even doubled my saliva (it used in dog's in my text book, so please read it : liur - in Indonesian) because they also had Index in the upper floor. My God, i have to bring mama to this mall. Highly recommended, especially for me, who'd always go to the big malls in Jakarta. This mall isn't that big, it's just have 3 floor (just 3, i won't be wrong with the floor number). Guys, you can count (because i can't) malls in Jakarta which only have 3 floors, but it's completely full! I could name some stuffs you could find there : XXI plus premiere and 6 studios, Celebrity Fitness (i'm not sure the name, or is it Gold's Gym?), their food court, and Puri Land (children's area, they even had roller coaster) and a Carrefour outside. I heart this mall :)

Another things that made me happy from ACE is : They've already sold Christmas thingyyyy!!!

I couldn't take the picture closer to the store, so shy to do it hehehe.. But, it's just some of the stuff, big ones especially, like the trees. Inside the store they also sell many cute stuffs. Suddenly i remember my Christmas tree in home. Mom always change our Christmas tree's theme every year, and also our dress code, in the other way to say, the color of our dress has to be the same color with the tree's theme color hahaha.. So, i have no idea what kinda stuff should i buy for mama, because she haven't told me the current theme for this Christmas. I felt so much bless when remembering Christmas time. It's family time, can't waitttt... Christmas, please don't be late, okei? x)

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Dewi Sutjiati Lestari said...

satu lagi yang aku suka dari purimall:
starbucksnya dia cozy abiss naaa.. :) hihi enak tuh abis pilih2 barang di index trus caramel java chip an di sana :p

and yes. cant wait for Christmas.. yeay!