Friday, October 16, 2009

hard exams, hard week

Hai everyone..
About a week ago, i gave this blog to my super girl, to have it retouched, but, unfortunately it still unfinish. She's about having mid term exams too, i guess (i lost contact with everyone this week). While me, i was about posting some posts this week, but, i didn't know how! She said she will fix it, display some bg for me to choose, so, let me here, wait till it finish :)

I just had a very hard week for me. No need to tell here, i'm just tired of being 5th semester student, huhuhu.. Still i have one more exam, next Monday. I hope i can finish them, so i can continue my interview and observation tasks. Ah ya, a 3-pages translation to be finished also. God, i am so tired..And it even worse because i got my period this week! It made me ate a lot now. I could named them (my friends during my period, but the picture will be uploaded later, guys). They are Kripik Pisang Lampung, Stik Keju Mamiku, Pocky Choco Banana, Twister and Yan Yan - hahahaha, i thought i gained weight now :p

Today, Jakarta had a 6,4 SR earthquake. I was in Ciputra Mall, alone, when it happened. I ran myself after the security told me it was earthquak-ing. I just didn't realize it, really. TV said, it only happened for 10 seconds. But, i lost my will to shop in the outside, so i walked in rush in to my kost. When i asked my friend, they just didn't feel the earthquake too, so, what more can i say? I watched TV and had my self relieved when i knew it hurted no one, thanks God! But, my parents wasn't know about it yet because they hadn't called me, though i had inform them. Yeah, maybe tomorrow they will call me. I am wishing actually. No more earthquake, pleaseeee..

It's getting late actually, but i still have to continue my homework, whuahhh.. I am crossing fingers now, for something great tomorrow hihihi.. Errr..., maybe it's better for me to sleep now, i am so tired. So, good night, bloggie :p

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