Friday, October 9, 2009

Chopsticks and Coffee

the personils of Chopsticks and Coffee

Two things that i used as this post's tittle describe how i spent my previous week. I have almost a full week with my family and relatives from my mom's side. My cousin was married last Saturday and it made all of us gathered in Jakarta. So, mom was in town! Yippieee! But i couldn't be that happy because i have mid semester exams, started this Monday. Say it i abandon my exams, because in fact, i went travel with my family hahahaha.. Though it's still in Jakarta, but i was so happy and it means i found this two things : chopsticks and coffee.

Just like last Monday. After i finished my exam, i went to my uncle's home in Kebon Jeruk then we picked my sister up on Cempaka Putih to have lunch together anddd we chose Chinese Food because we all love Chinese Food Restaurant and their menus. Ta Wan was our numero uno in Chinese Restaurant, especially my family. If i go back to Manado, mm, at least once at 2 weeks we'll have dinner in Ta Wan. But on that day, i had Apollo Hainam Rice than having Ta Wan. Why we all love Chinese Food? It became a habit. Bakmie or even a simple nasi goreng tasted better than Indonesia Food in our tongues. Maybe the closest connection was there are many Chinese people in Medan (as our homeland) and they made great Chinese Food. So, we all loved Chinese food, no need to ask why, it's been our main course for a long time :p

After that, we went to Pacific Place and had coffee and a long chitchat. Yeah, another habit from my family was drink coffee. Starbucks was the one and only choice for us. And for me, will always be Green Tea Frappucino while others had their own coffee. Oya, i just found that PP had ak.'sa.ra bookstore, next to Starbucks. I was eye-d things and books there, but, i wasn't sure enough to buy them. Not because the prices, but their functions to me. So, i decided not to buy things there, but get into adult conversation and get bored suddenly. It's not a good topic, about marriage life, hadehhh.. How can i enjoy to talk about marriage while now i have a bit doubt on it since someone cheated on me this year. But, i have to listen to my mom and aunt carefully and wishing i can find someone "normally" really sooner in God's time, for He knows the best for me and all my relatives. Amen!

Then, we went to have Ta Wan afterward (finally!) before strolled Kelapa Gading at night. Almost mid night, they drove me home (mom slept over on my uncle's home before went to Lampung to visit Davon -see him in the next post- in the next day). And, i have no time to studyyy, but it's okay. God bless me so much in the next day because i could answer the exams, eventhough i slept a while yet study a while hahaha.. Now, i am waiting the next Chopsticks and Coffee combination with my family. Maybe i just can have them with my sister, i hope it will come before Christmas. I am wishing it so much :p

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