Tuesday, October 11, 2011

happy birthday dear:)

I'm blessed to have a very humble boyfriend, who always accept all my silly habits. I like to make personal nicknames to most of things in the world, especially for things which happen in my daily life. So, no wonder i have million nicknames for boyfriend, since the first time we've become friends. Hahaha, it was a year ago. Time flies, right, Xiao Po? 

Then, few days ago was his birthday. I won't tell you the number, to make him comfortable (giggling all the way.hihihi), but let me give you some of the photos on that special day. Last year i gave him a picture, later i put it on BBM's display picture. Just a picture, but i knew he loves it to the bits. A simple photo of me, holding a doll, an eeyore, and a paper "Happy Birthday, nduttt". Yup, that time i call him Ndut. But this year is kinda bit different. I was here, so i can greet him myself, so here i am went to his crib. I brought him a cake, with his face on the top of it. To make it complete, i also gave him a card and some presents. It was a relieving moment so far, more than my own birthday. We ended it with a fancy dinner and pray together. 

Happy birthday dearest one. Thanks for being real, warm, and big-hearted. Love you! 

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