Wednesday, October 19, 2011

converse, again

Converse was my shoes in high school.
Basically i am lazy girl who hate to wear sporty shoes. It takes time to bind it. Flats do faster and more cute. But society told me that Converse was on. At least you should have one pair of them to wear at Saturday in school. My high school was kinda strict with the shoes rules. You have to wear black shoes from Monday to Friday then free shoes in Saturday. I also have a college boyfriend in my last grade in high school. He was wearing Converse everytime we met after school. So, i put it in mind, in time you enter college life, you'll wear Converse until you graduate.

Converse was my shoes in college.
I moved to Jakarta and brought along one pair of Converse. But, living in Jakarta, gave you many many option of things. Many restaurants is in here, many malls, many bookstores, and many shoes stores. No doubt my heart goes to flats again. I still bought 3 more Converse these years, but ended up by giving them all to friends and (hiks) throw them. I was thinking not to wear more Converse. It was a symbolize of teen life, a rebel time of our life and now, i'm facing life as an adult. Being a fresh graduate with no recent job gave me more time to rethink about many things, choosing best shoes is one of them. No more sneakers, but high heels.

Converse is my newest sandals.
Sandals should be feminim in my opinion. I collect some sandals and wear it any time i don't have to wear shoes. At least i have to bring one sandal when i go back to hometown. It's easy to wear, comfort, fit in jeans also, and have various type and colors. You have no reason to refuse sandals. And now, Converse sandal came to rescue me. They made a very comfort sandal, with their own touch. It looks like sandal, but it was Converse. See? I love this sandal to bits, my feet loves it too. I hope, Converse will produce new type of sandal more, i'll grab them all :))

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