Sunday, August 1, 2010

quick hello for August

August will come in minutes and i'd like to share you some things. They happened lately, running in my mind and made me a bit confused to step forward. Not all things, of course, i also bring you some good news in life. I went to a holiday, 10 days, with 3 of my friends. They are my college friends, their names appeared in this blog, though not that often. We went to Lombok, Bali and Jogja. Actually i arrived at Jakarta last night, still tired, but i spent this Saturday with happiness. I talked to brother, he's about getting closer to me this month, yup, move out from Manado to Jakarta. I also talked to my best friends. For all we've been through, i still can say, i support you all the way. Best luck for you, my strong girl. Then, i've cleaned my room, transfered photos into my laptop and had a conversation with my senior. Hahaha, i bet you'll read this post, you know who you are. Enjoy your bakpia, ya. 

Anyway, August wasn't really my month. I just know that i'll be busy with brother's stuff, campus stuffs, and maybe dad's also. August recalls me things to be remembered. Good and bad. Like every month actually. Be nice August, i know you'll surprise me, like always. But please not a bad one(s), but goods.

Some spots from Lombok and Jogja. Enjoy it. 

Pasar Seni Ubud with a dancer

Gili Air, Lombok

Tanah Lot, Bali

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