Tuesday, August 3, 2010

lost in Jogjakarta

I hope i spell it right. Not Jogyakarta or Yogyakarta, but Jogjakarta. At least i made it sure twice in their airport when i landed. They called it as a "student city". The main aim why we went there just because we wanna make sure about Universitas Gajah Mada. It was a famous and greatest university, not just in Jogjakarta, but also in Indonesia. We, me and my friends, are about continuing our master there, so we surveyed it first. But, we also travelled into some places, but, unfortunately, i didn't take many photos. Why? It's because i felt a bit scary and unconvenience there. The city's ambience wasn't good in my opinion. Not a kind of safe city, less hospitalities, i just felt that i'm not belong there. The sunshine was also bad, too hot. But i still love their famous food, Gudeg. I can't explain well here, but i know where you'll get it, in Wijilan Street. Gudeg made me happy in Jogjakarta.

inside the hotel's room

 cheap breakfast outside the hotel. please don't ask why didn't have buffet. hehehe

 me and Desilia inside the bus

Prambanan Temple's card

Prambanan Temple

We also went to Prambanan Temple. Too bad, it was raining there. But we've already had some photos with us. We went to no other tourism spots, because we spent the rest time in Malioboro, the main street there. You could find various stores there, most of them sell Jogjakarta's famous Batik and shirts. But they still have KFC and Dunkin Donuts, besides there is a mall, Mall Malioboro. Some hotels are on that street, like mine. Hotel Mutiara, a big one. Next to the Bus Transjogja. Quite cheap, about Rp 3K to travel all city, even to Prambanan Temple (yes, we use this bus). And it is clean and full AC. The bad thing is, it was a small bus, so you can imagine how hard we'll take a breath if the bus is full. Err, disgusting. But, for this price, it was reasonable enough.

Yeah, it was some stories about Jogjakarta. Too bad, it didn't reach enough point to make me say that it was a pleasant place to be visited. But, their Bakpia Pathok 25 and Gudeg Ibu Widodo were worth the visit. Two thumbs up!

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