Wednesday, August 25, 2010

some pieces from my UP life


Hi, half me. I miss you. It's been like ages i didn't share you my story. Life becomes good lately. Some things are changing, in a good way, lucky me and i think God blessed me more than i could imagine. So, thank Him for that. I still travelled during this month, while prepared for brother's stuffs to entering his college. He is officially a university student now, started last Monday. Some problems happened actually, between mom and brother, but they, or we solved it well, and that's the most important thing. He has made some friends in his kost, good ones i think. Hope they'll last for a long time.

I also started my new semester, as a four-year-student. Got a job as a assistant in two classes. Kinda like this job, the lecture and the subject especially. It's related to my thesis and how i can do my research. Not for the money, but the knowledge. Ah, my most favorite lecture has also accepted my thesis proposal. Have i told you life has been good to me lately? Cause it is, really. I'll start to discuss my thesis with her next week, and already felt a bit excited. Can't wait to finish this stuff and get my bachelor degree. *crossing fingers

Then, why i could say i'm leading an UP life? Have you watched UP? A good cartoon movie, endless love story between elderly couple, and the fat boy. Hahaha, my mom was its fan, and i remembered well how funny the situation in time i watched this movie, early August last year. No, i'm not getting old with someone, not even find him. But, some sweetness are sorrounding me. And i don't need any single balloon to blow me upper. I'm already in UP.

ps: i'll be back soon dearest bloggie, no need to worry :)

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