Sunday, August 29, 2010

Bandung, best friend and brother

Another short post about my experience, bloggie.

I went to Bandung 2 weeks ago before i started this semester with mom, aunt, and brother. We didn't have specific aim why we went there, but, we knew where to live and  what to do. Then, we off to Bandung on August 10, on the day Moslem started their Ramadhan tradition. Anyway, Happy Fasting to all Moslems. There, i called my best friend, Herlin, and managed time to meet her. Kinda long time we haven't see each other. I didn't go home last holiday while she did. Fortunately i could meet her in her city, Bandung, for free. So, we enjoyed our days there. Chit chat until dawn with toasts as friends, too many stories were revealed, goods and bads. Plus, there was an earthquake by that moment. What a night. Hehehe..

Then, on the next day, we, my brother, me and Herlin went back to the city. Brother was about buying some clothes and i wanted to buy a wallet. Later i brought it in Jakarta, because i didn't find a unique yet function wallet in distros. Did some shopping spree there, also bought somethings for my relatives and enjoyed steaks on Suis Butcher. Suis Butcher was a steak house. I saw one on my way home on Lembang Parompong, but we stopped by at Riau Plaza.

Herlin's mix grill steak

brother's steak, i forgot the name

mine, beef permagiana

me and Herlin

 me and brother. it is so obvious that i got darker than him. *crying

It was a short trip, but i loved it. Especially for the day, me, brother and Herlin spent together. I'm happy because they could befriend at the moment. We spent hours in distros, before went to PVJ to have dinner and went home afterward. Too bad i didn't sleep over at Herlin's on this visit, because we both love strolling the street and seeing cute houses. We dreamt about living in Bandung actually and there's one little secret, friends. We've already found out the places we'll use in our prewed photos years ahead. One of the spot was in Bandung. Yayy! Who will be the first one take the photos there, Herlin? Hehehe.. Looking forward to go to Bandung in real future. Some spots are on my list now. See ya, Bandung.

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