Thursday, June 24, 2010

Switzerland food in Marche

Daddy gave me a big surprise last Monday. He called me right after i finished my last exam on that day and said he's on his way to go my crib. He said he wanna have dinner with me. Yeah, guess it, happy and shock at the same time, cause i thought he's in Manado. But, i went home, took a bath,  waited for his coming, and there i went to Plaza Senayan with daddy to have dinner in Marche. You'll find it easily, right after their XXI Cinema. It was a Switzerland franchise, they have various menus, and the decoration was just great!

 daddy and his salad

 Rib Eye and Mashed Potato

See the flag? Yup, Switzerland's. Overall i enjoy the food, Rosti, and steak. The salad was also good as daddy said. One thing i regret, i didn't order a pizza there. They baked the pizza on furnace. So cute and an unordinary way to bake, like we're back into old days. Daddy gave me a great night last Monday. Ah, i hope daddy will stay longer here, but it is impossible. But i do love the time he's arround. Miss you already! 

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anna where are you??