Friday, June 11, 2010

Thank God It's Friday

I am indeed a boaster in this post. But, this is my blog, isn't it? So, i could write everything i want and no one will complain. Hihihi.. Life treats me well until this Friday, and i proudly say Thank God It's Friday. I've just got home after surviving in library for almost 7 hours to make my final paper for one cruel subject finish. We did it well, at least, we completed all the chapter he had request us. So, lazy weekend, let's come into my room :))

Another good news, i've finished some exams and wont think about the result. I knew i did it well, thou not best. Yeah, you know me pretty well, bloggie. I strolled Jakarta for the last two days, one to get my Baby Canny in hand and yesterday for my sister. In this post, i wanna told you all about Baby Canny. Not a real Baby and it's name isn't Canny. I have a new camera, a D SLR, finally. Babeh gave me a permit on Tuesday and straightly i went to get it myself on Wednesday. Happy me :))

Not an expensive one actually, but at least it produces good quality pictures. I bought no lens with me but its bag. But i also got a tripod to make a self potrait. Hihihi, i couldn't be happier. Actually daddy had told me to buy a D SLR on my birthday last year. At that time i said NO, because i still have Olympus camera digital and had a crush on lomo. So, i chose lomo, until now, i fell again for Canon, and here i am holding my Canon 1000D in my hands. I love it. Thanku daddy :))

me at JPC Kemang

me and Desipus

 first attempt in outdoor (Central Park)

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