Wednesday, June 16, 2010

craig david's songs are the best these nights

Actually i'm just listening two songs from his newest album. Yup, the most popular these days, Don't Love You No More and Insomnia. Kind of songs that could make me singing out loud. Hihihi.. As a fact, I'm not in a good condition, bloggie. Yesterday i went to hospital with a friend, and now she's hospitalizing. It made me down, seriously, because i don't feel good since yesterday. But i forced myself to enjoy the rain this morning and stroll mall this evening. No need to think about any sickness, cause i wont be sick. I hope. Get well soon to my dear friend :)

Anyway, tonight i found many good pictures to be captured in my own room. Hahaha, okay, i just have nothing to do. I supposed to start my proposal actually (i'll do it right after i finish it) but i'm a bit tired and shocked with a bad news above. So, i take my Canny and captured them. Like this. Before you see it, please be tolerate for my ordinary pictures. Am not a professional. Hehehe..

my twin bag with mom

 badminton's bag

monkey's toothbrush holder

Starbucks's list. I am not a fan, trust me.

just purchased this coin bag today 

 and me, as my most favorite :))
(and i like the blur background, yippie!)

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