Saturday, June 19, 2010

preventive actions

Due to this bad weather brought me into my old habit, consuming junk foods, i decided to take this preventive actions. i am avoiding my self from these two, Starbucks and Burger King. i just can't believe the past weeks i had consumed them regularly. they broke me and added some fats in my body. argh! so, it is my time to say NO from them until next month. yeah, 2 weeks to go and i believe i can do that!

Starbucks's logo in their cup. 
captured last Tuesday.

Burger King's french fries.
captured last Wednesday.

Besides having this unhealthy meals in mall, i also went to cinemas and watched some movies. Karate Kid, Toys Story 3D and Letters to Juliet. the latter i just watched it this morning. my friend made me win 2 free tickets, so there i went this morning. i love Toys Story, funny Barbie and Ken' scenes. hihihi.. watched it yourself. i prefer 2D actually, not a good 3D movie overall. enjoy it. 

ps : ah ya, 3 subjects before i smell holiday (before proposal). yippiieee!

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