Friday, June 11, 2010

sister's day out

I went to campus yesterday to have my final meeting with the dean of my faculty. Call her as one of my favorite Psychologist and i hope i could be as adorable as her in my years ahead. One secret i could reveal here, i want her to be my err, what to name it, proposal guider? hahaha.. I hope you'll understand it, all i wanna say is i think she is the right lecture to help me pass this proposal thingy until i could graduate next year. Please everyone say AMEN. hihihi..

Right after i finished it, i crossed the street and meet my sister, Kgab, in Citraland. We met one of her friend in Adhi Karya before we went to Grand Indonesia and had a lunch. We took pictures there, first attempt for my new Canny. Not bad i think. Kgab took pictures better than me, i was a bit shy to use this 'huge' camera. Long chit-chat there before we watched Sex and the City and moved to Sency to have dinner. As i tweeted, i love it when my sister arround me. It's always a good time to share everything, i knew she could keep my secrets and vice versa. Enjoy your rest holiday in Jakarta, Kgab, and i'm looking forward to stroll another mall with you (or maybe scream at Histeria).

 singing fountain in GI



Last words from me, welcome to FIFA World Cup, guys. Me myself support Portugal while Kgab supports Spain. Let's kick this month of football! 

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