Friday, June 4, 2010

some stuffs in early June

Welcome to June.
I know it's kinda lame greet guys, but i hope you all enjoy this month this far, aren't you? I've already smelled holiday thought it's still month to go to my own holy holiday. Some stuffs has happened during this first week. And i know weeks ahead are more interesting than this one.

Tomorrow, i'll start my final exams until last week of this month. Yeah, still need to collect my proposal too, and i haven't manage time to even start it. I am indeed a true procrastinator. Besides i still have some tasks related to final exams to be finished asap. Have to manage my time wisely or i'll destroy my whole final exams. Think first think, and for the first week, i have 2 exams and 1 session. God bless me. 

I've scheduled some big plans for my family. But, daddy once dissapointed me with his bossy style about this plan and i was irritated. So, we did re-schedule all and pray for the best. My brothers were also supported me, so we got a win-win solution. In some point, i do feel that my bossy style is like daddy's. Yeah, like father, like daughter, in my case, i am his only daughter.  Hihihi, me miss you, beh :))

Emm, what else to say? I have my lomo's result in hand and a bit sad for it. Not as good as i expected before. But, we all are learning on life. And it means i have to study about lomo harder thou i'm eyeing on d-slr since ages. Daddy has promised me to buy one d-slr. I hope it doesn't mean as my bday present, because it's still long way to go. Hahaha.. But, let me coloring my day with lomo until i get my new camera. 

So, let's coloring this June, guys :))

ps : anyway, i survived from massive headache by picture above. a good (sorry i've almost finished it) sandwich, Monsiure something and caramel frappu. i prefer greentea lots more. nothing beats it.

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