Tuesday, December 20, 2011

sum of 2011 : November

I'm coming close to the end of summary. Hehehe.

So much fun happened this month. I started it on plane. Hahaha. The next day after graduation, me, mom, dad and little brother flew to Kuala Lumpur. We all were zombies. We all were tired and sleepy. We left the messy room and straightly went to airport on 5 am. We spent 3 days in KL before depart again to Penang. I love KL's airport. We all just found out that KL had 2 airports. It really a heart break for me, as the tour guide. Yeah, i booked two tickets back home from 2 different airlines in different airports. Huff. Lucky us, we catched both of them on time, although we didn't have a chance to have lunch during that rush hour.



On 11.11.11, one of our relatives was married in Bandung. So, me-dad-brother went to Bandung for 3 days. I love travelling with family, eventhough we have nothing special to do. I slept over at friends' crib, while dad and brother slept in hotel. After holy matrimony, me-brother-my friends went to Trans Studio, Bandung. It was my first visit, but i was once went to the same Trans Studio in Makassar. Some of the games are exactly like the ones in Makassar. But, it all worth to visit. We had so much fun there, especially for me and brother. We tried almost all the game, i screamed the most on Vertigo. Hahaha. Dare yourself to have a try, friends.

A few days after dad went back home, mom was coming to town. Mom stayed in my crib for two days before she flew back to Penang with my aunt. We had a chaos dawn before their departure time. I will always remember that story but i won't reveal here. Hehehe. When mom came back to town, we didn't have so much intimate mother-daughter time. Mom was occupied with relatives issues during the visit. But few hours before her departure time, we went together with brother. She managed to make us happy, as always. I love my mom. (Thanks for the bag, mom. Hihihi)

I also celebrated my first anniversary with boyfriend, through phone, sadly. Hahaha. I went church myself to pray, and boyfriend sent me a video. See his funny picture, this one is too cute. 

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