Sunday, December 18, 2011

sum of 2011 : August - September

 In the mid of August, i flew back again to Manado. I stayed for almost 2 months. I was contemplating to work in Manado, but unlucky me mom didn't allow me. So, i gotta come back to Jakarta, either to work or to take master degree. But, mom didn't hide her grateful feeling that i'm home. I was treated pretty well, oh well, i was spoiled by her. Hahaha.

One of good news, i had a lot of dates with boyfriend, too. We already found our favorite Thai Ice Tea (Latte). Hooray! I also started cooking some menus. Mom helped me a lot. I had posted almost all the menus. You may scroll down on September posts to see it. And the big thing was my first teeth surgery. I had 3 surgery for my right wisdom tooth. I couldn't eat rice for a couple of weeks. I have to eat carefully and less chatty. It didn't look like me at all. I am a chatty person and i eat a lot especially when i'm in home. Hahaha. But, i didn't lose any kg after all. Huff.

I spent my whole September at home and it was a bliss. Really.

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