Tuesday, December 13, 2011

sum of 2011 : January

Let's begin from the first month, January.

I spent my New Year Eve in Manado. On 4th of January, boyfriend's parents celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary on his family homeland, Lembean, North Sulawesi. I was there with some friends. Unfortunately, we had a car accident on our way there. It's not only pay and the problem will finish itself but also we had to disscuss with the driver, who is a native one. Not an easy thing, but thanks to boyfriend's dad, he finished it for us. Felt so sorry to boyfriend and his family, we ruin the night.

As usual, i also attended some New Year celebration in Manado, every weekend. Not because we have so many relatives here, but my parents joined some Bataknese gathering and they all had their own NY celebration. Instead of coming back to Jakarta for the next semester, i went to Medan and start my research there. But i went to Jakarta first, to meet my supervisor and to made some letters. My lastest cousin was born few days before i went to Medan. Baby-sitting was one thing i learn later in Medan. Hehe.

My high school made a golden reunion on January too. I met some friends, juniors, seniors, and teachers there. The party was held in Borobudur Hotel, Jakarta. As a top for the month, boyfriend gave me an early Valentine gift, an instax camera. I love it to bits. I had a fun January :)

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