Sunday, December 18, 2011

sum of 2011 : June-July

 me and my supervisor/dean

THESIS! This word happened to appear in my mind when i was recalling past things in June and July. I tried my best to make a best one before deadline. One big mistake happened on June, me and supervisor had a different point of view on my thesis. I changed it about 3 times, before i asked her personally what she want me to do. Once i give her the last one, she said yes, and i can register my name on thesis defense.

On mid of July, i have my thesis defense. I was so nervous, mom and boyfriend were calling all the time to calm me down. My friends also supported me, as i did support them. I took a rest one day before the thesis defense day. I prayed hard, and believe that i'd already worked hard too. So, let God do the rest. On the next day, mom and brother came to town. Mom hugged me so tight at the moment she arrived at my crib. Hehehe. After mom came back to Manado, i continued my revision and the end of July, the judisium was held. I was officially a Bachelor of Psychology. Thanks God!

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