Tuesday, December 13, 2011

an idea : sum of 2011

Holla. I have nothing particular to do, so why not blogging? hehe. I realized that i have less posts this year, comparing to last year's. Thesis ruin it, and so my laziness. So, i'm gonna pour this blog with a summary from every month of 2011. Yeah, i knew life is kinda boring this year, especially after graduation. Still jobless and have less friends whose still jobless too makes me sad. Thank God, last week boyfriend came to town. We spent days together, i even joined his conference. He made me happy although there was one problem happened but let we forget it, right boyfriend?

Last weekend also, one of my best friends in college married to her high school sweetheart. Congratulation to Yolannia and Kevin. I was there, with boyfriend, but we didn't attend the holy matrimony because we have to catch up his plane to Manado. I promise to come on their reception next year, hope i can make it. 2 of my college friends have married after graduation. Next year, at least 2 of them will marry too. Wishing them all many many happiness and cuteness children. Hihihi.

Anyway, have a lovely Tuesday people. Enjoy our last days of 2011.

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