Wednesday, December 14, 2011

sum of 2011 : February

I stayed in Medan for a month and already finished 4 interviewed at the time. I lived with grandma and some relatives there. It wasn't that hard to adjust living with grandma. I eat and sleep regularly hehe. Dad and brother came to visit me. We went to dad's homeland, Balige and mom's homeland, Samosir. We also did some city tour ourselves to some tourism spots in Medan, such as, Istana Maimun, Tjong A Fie mansion, Merdeka Walk and Tip Top Restaurant.

Pardon me, for not posting such an interesting post about the spots i mentioned above. So, let me give you some pictures. I visited them all in one day with brother. Most of the pictures were taken by him. Istana Maimun is a sultan house. It was a huge building in the middle of the city and has a strong Moslem influence. While Tjong A Fie mansion was a Chinese mayor house. It also a big building with many rooms and windows. A nice relative accompany us in Merdeka Walk and we walked along the street and ended the day with a nice ice cream in fancy old restaurant, Tip Top. If you have time to visit Medan, you should visit the spots. At least you know that not only Bataknese people lived there. Hehehe. Enjoy Medan!

Istana Maimun. 

Tjong A Fie Mansion.

Merdeka Walk and Tip Top Restaurant. 

The rest of the month, i was doing my research. It drives me crazy.

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