Wednesday, December 14, 2011

wednesday check-in

Obsessing over : holiday next week, packing stuffs and hand all the photographs on time.

Working on : correcting some posts and thinking how to make a February summary. I'm recalling the past events and suddenly browsing some tumblrs.

Thinking about : tomorrow --another work interview. gotta check carefully the address and company profile. tonight --pack some dresses and shoes for Christmas and New Year. now --contemplating to ask or not to ask brother to accompany me to watch circus. my brain is fully occupied by the moment.

Anticipating : won't hand the canvas next week. hwuahhh.

Listening to : news on tv and Buble's Christmas songs together. hihihi.

Drinking : mineral water. just finished lunch.

Wishing : i'll rock the interview tomorrow, brother will be fine in town and i'll be home with the canvas. Godbless!

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