Thursday, September 30, 2010

TreeHouse and it's sausage

Welcome another sleepless night. Hehehe. I've just printed my lastest revision for my thesis. May everything runs well, so i could move to the next step, find the subjects! But now, i gotta finish my ppt and collect it to my friend. And i got bored, so here i am, posting another ramble post. No, actually, i am about posting about TreeHouse Cafe in Bandung.

I edited some pictures in a couple of days ago, just like this one. You could see it clearly in clockwise.
1. our cocktail, i give up with its taste. not good at all.
2. angel was playing with cherry from cocktail.
3. chic sausage. the sausage was good. their specialities, btw.
4. me.
5. chessy pizza. thin but so nyummy.
6. sit in their garden's stone-chair.
7. chic cordon bleu. err, not bad.
8. then, angel again.
9. centre : TreeHouse Cafe

We went there ourself (just me and Angel) because we didn't know where to have lunch and won't bother the boys. Glad that we found this place, near to Herlin's crib. Especially the weather was good at that day, no rain at all. It was our last day in Bandung, we had a long night afterward until we arrived again in Jakarta. I won't forget that night, dawn and day afterward. Things happened, and i was all a sleepy head at that time. Hehehe..

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