Saturday, September 18, 2010

in need of sleep and more sleep

Hi bloggie. How do you do? I am happy and tired now. I spent a whole week in Bandung with besties and had a great trip there. But, in time i went back to the city, i have tons of things to be finished, mostly are campus stuffs. Not to say i'm whining now, or pretend i am happy with that, in fact i just need some sleep. Give me more than 10 hours sleep (and good food afterward) then i'll be ready to be a busy bee again. Hehehe..

Hope you're not boring with my words " i have many stories to share to you, but later i'll post it if i have more time", because in fact i do have lots of stories and pictures to be shared, but don't have more leisure time to produce a good post(s). Though i love to post some of them now badly. I gotta finish my second revision because i have important things to do on weekend. I'm beyond excited about this thing actually. Hihihi..

So, just a simple hi, now. See the picture above? Maybe some of you could guess it easily that i wore a baloon hat from Pizza Hut. Yup, that's true. Maybe i was away and had a holiday in a week, but we have nothing to be eaten that McD and Pizza Hut. So, we rushed on it, grab some pizzas, chicken wings, salad and my lovely blueberry milkshake. Ehmm, i'm thinking to have a pan of pizza tomorrow. Sounds great, huh? We'll see, bloggie. Hihi. Have a nice weekend :)

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