Friday, January 28, 2011

instax for valentine

Once boyfriend asked me "Do we have to do something to celebrate Valentine's Day this year? It's our first Valentine." He made me think for a couple of second before i answered YES, but what we are going to do? We're miles apart and won't celebrate it together. I'll be somewhere in Medan, maybe, doing my research, while he'll stay in Manado. But his idea to make this Valentine special was a great idea, and we decided to exchange gifts to each other. 

Surprisingly, his gift came today. Yup, way too long to Valentine's Day itself, and i'm still not ready with my gift. To be honest, i haven't find it but i know what to give. Hahaha. do wait patiently for my gift, boyfriend. I suppose it'll come to you after Valentine :D Anyway, i love love love this instax camera. I owned Diana Mini lomo (i love it also) but always had a thing on polaroid photos. Thanks to boyfriend, now i have my first instax camera and it is his Valentine gift to me. Hihiy!

Then, i tried to use this camera myself. Boyfriend was watching me through webcam and laughing at me all the time. I didn't know how to use it, but to be frank it was so easy. And ta-daaaaa, here i am in a corner of my messy room ( and smiled to you. Happy (early) Valentine's day, folks! 

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