Thursday, January 6, 2011

things that make me happy

I could list thousand things that make me happy. Really. But now, i'm gonna list things that makes me terribly happy lately. 

1. Smelling mom's cook. She's the best chef in the world. The best mom also. 
2. Found a new simcard since the old one disappointed us. Well, i'm still using the old one actually. 
3. Chatting via bbm with my brother. I'm so glad he finally bought blackberry. Hehehe. 
4. Seeing my dad and mom on church, sitting with brothers and enjoy the service.
5. Eating food which i've been craving about since ever i left this town. 
6. Err, have i told you that i become a fan of black forest now? yes, i do now. hahaha.
7. Internet connection in my house is getting faster. Woohoo!
8. Playing ipod with brother. 
9. Sharing stories with my best friend. 
10. Listing these happy things in my blog :)

I know i'll have many happy things in 2011. But to be honest, i can always find things that make me happy or even terribly happy. Good life is sorrounding me.

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