Monday, January 24, 2011

an attempt to 'see' you

Okay, let say us cheesy but having a webcam with him really really makes me happy. I miss him in many ways. Then one night after i came back to the city, i was charging my itouch and found out that my internet connection was still on. We tried our ym and were thrilled that we could webcam-ing. Hahaha, bad words and bad grammar. We kept on doing this thing everytime we're not busy doing something. In fact, some problems happened and i just can't make it any better but he supports me. My friends also heard my stories and suggest some things to do. While brother teases me but i knew he prays for me too. Just a little braveness to admit that i'm the one who must be blamed on. While in the other hand, i also had a good time with him without thinking that problem. Seeing his face, laughing together (the best part of webcam) and telling our daily activities were my mood booster and lullaby these days. 

Crossing finger the internet connection will still on until i leave the city next week and also i don't have to pay for it. Hahaha. I managed money to buy a modem actually so i could still 'see' him while i'm away. Another pray was i could find the right simcard which can support the internet connection well. Oh, well, this time i pray harder for connection that i've never done before. Having a good internet connection was important nowadays. I realize it, people. Maybe you did long before me. Hehehe. 

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