Thursday, December 16, 2010

in days count

1. I'll finish my final exam regardless the marks. Hehehe. I felt bad this semester.
2. I'll check all mother's request as 'checked'.
3. I'm gonna eat waffle and ice cream from Pancious. I've been craving for it since I got my ticket home.
4. Me and brother will find little brother's request. I knew I couldn't find it myself.
5. I'm gonna drink quickly everytime I go to mall. Hehehe..
6. I'll find my second birthday gift for my self. I also have to tell Epenk to bring the first one. I-am-indeed-beyond-excited!
7. Should manage time to pack. Huff, clumsy me.
8. I'll meet him and spend times together. Woohoo!
9. I'll be 21yo. A bit scary but I know I'm gonna enjoy my day. Hihihi.

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