Monday, December 6, 2010

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Happy dawn everyone. Yup, this dawn I'm writing a new post, trying to use my blackberry again. To be frank, i dislike writing in blackberry. Unfortunately, due to this holiday season are coming in weeks and the lack connection in Manado is await, posting via blackberry is the only good solution. So, we'll see if its work like last year.

Anyway, I'm having my first final exams in hours count. 6chapters about counseling and psychotherapy. Oh, please kill me because there are still lots of therapy to be read. And I'm a bit hungry. Huhuhu.. I wish I had some breads in my room, but I have none. But, lucky me, I found some snacks, like this chocolate chips. Yeyy! Give me a toast! I'm munching on it while writing this post actually. Hihi.. I can't resist its good smell. Hmm, heavenlyyy. I like FA though I'm not a big fan of chocolate and chips. You should try yourself and will fall for it.

Ah ya, yesterday I also browsed some kind of stuffs I'd like to have for my upcoming birthday. Ice cream cake was one of the top list. I'd like to blow a candle on it, but the main problem is how can I bring it in 3,5hours flight? Huhu.. My D said that I shouldn't bring it to Manado but eat it in Jakarta. I'm into pieces T.T Then I turned to Harvest cake, but he refused again. Huhu.. I'd like to blow a candle this year. But I have no favorite cake in hometown, that's why I listed cake I like in Jakarta to be brought home. Huff, maybe I should ask him to find me a tasteful cake, cheese cake will be better to be my birthday cake. Hehe, sorry for my endless wishes dear boyfriend. Did I just say boyfriend? Yup, one of my birthday wish has just fulfilled a week ago. I'll spend my birthday with someone and I love that fact. Hehe.. I wish I could write posts about him later. I promise you, bloggie. No need to worry, you'll have tons of sweet memories.

Happy Monday!

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