Monday, November 29, 2010

Zangrandi Ice Cream

If you ever tried Ragusa Ice Cream in Jakarta, i bet you'll love Zangrandi Ice Cream too. You can try it if you go to Surabaya first. Hehehe.. I went to Surabaya 2 weeks ago, but unfortunately i couldn't manage time to post about the only place i excited to go in Surabaya, beside Tunjungan Plaza as well. Thank God i went there with my high school friends. Good ice creams, good place, good chat, good friends, that's all you need to have a great weekend :)

meet my ice cream : Copabanana

ps : i wish i could share you more pictures about Surabaya, but unfortunately i didn't bring my camera along with me, neither D SLR or lomo. So, i only took some pictures by blackberry and you knew how bad it was. yeah, like pictures above.

pps : Surabaya was as hot as i recalled. Err, maybe hotter. But i love their new airport. Somewhat similar with Changi, in my opinion :p

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