Monday, November 29, 2010

wishes list

Ignore the title please, because in fact i won't ramble in here about my wishes. One month prior to my birthday actually and surprisingly i don't come with (lots) wishes this year. Maybe just one wish, a silly one. I only wish i could have 2010 again, or maybe longer than it should be. I just love this year and a bit worry about next year. Hahaha.. Silly wish right? Will someone surprise me with this gift? No one can, for sure.

Anyway, i lied to you if i said i have nothing on wish list. Maybe each day i woke up, i've already have a wish. A simple one, i wish i could have lunch in some places (i'm all about good food *pardon me hehe) or i wish i won't be late to campus. Just a little wish everyday. But it'll be different if you list your wishes for your upcoming birthday. I did it months ago. Some wishes were on my lists, some were checked, yet some are about to be fulfilled. Another silly list about things i need to have or at least i thought maybe i'll need it someday. Actually i could make a new list, butttt, somehow i just need the time could walk slower then i'll have more time to rethink about things i like. Though i know, in the end  i want nothing but Hermione's pendulum to travel through times. Hahaha..

My friend, Desi, was here for hours ago and teased me about many things today and vice versa. Suddenly she asked what i want for my birthday. Okay, she's really a good friend. Hahaha.. She told me that once i pointed 'a thing' in one shop to her and said that i want that thing. I recalled it for minutes before i got what 'thing' and automatically i said yes, i still need it. Though it wasn't on my list anymore. Hehe.. Ah, maybe i should write down again those things and remind my friends that they still have one month to prepare their gifts. Hahaha.. I love listing stuffs i like as much as i'm happy having those stuffs again and again. Sorry for my ramble post tonight, bloggie. But don't you think that time flies so fast this year? Cause i do.

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