Friday, December 17, 2010

as far as i can remember

Hello. I'm quite surprise that my internet connection is still on, although i haven't pay it. Not that i didn't have money, but i feel like using modem is a best way for me now. I'm not a internet freak, i use internet just for blog (cause i forgot how to post via blackberry, huhu) and to find some sources for college stuffs. So, maybe it'll be my last post from laptop this year and i'm gonna put pictures here. Hihihi..

Well, related to the title, i was blogwalking on my own blog these hours. Yeah, i spent hours reading my own blog, reminiscing some stories, laughing, feel the urge to delete some posts, mad on it, and a bit teary at last. But, i'm glad, i have you, bloggie, although lately you didn't have my whole attention. But don't worry, i'm still here, pouring you with my feeling, thoughts, daily stuffs, just like now.

I'll be home for Chirstmas, like last year. Last Christmas, as far as i can remember was in Medan. Yup, me and the whole family from daddy's side were in Medan, celebrating my grandma's 75th birthday. Then, 2 days after Christmas, we (minus dad) flew back to Manado and celebrated New Year and my birthday of course in Manado. I brought lomo with me, spent birthday with my friends and family. A happy celebration, as i remember. Ah ya, me and mom were cheated to brother. We opened his facebook and found out his girlfriend while he was playing outside. Hahaha. Yeah, it was all last year stories. Now, i'm facing another great holiday. Christmas, birthday, and New Year with beloved ones, and i won't ask for more.

ps : dear Santa, although i said beloved ones is more than enough for me, but i do hope you'll send me a true love. a big one santa, cause i heard many bad news about heavy rain in hometown. okay, thank you. *kiss kiss!

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