Saturday, October 30, 2010

letter for beloved ones

Dear God,
Thanks to Your guideness for me in October.

Dear Dad,
Thank you, you've come back again to the city.

Dear mother,
I adore you.

Dear brother,
Thank you for making me cry these days. I'll support you all the way.

Dear baby brother,
Thank you for your sillyness. I miss you.

Dear close friends,
Thank you. I couldn't ask for more. Be healthy, be nice, be yourselves.

Dear eeyore and gloria,
You both aren't the sweetest ones, but we love you and will take care of you.

Dear homeland, Medan,
Please help me to appreciate you more.

Dear rain,
I've never thought that I could loathe you this much lately. Sorry.

Dear latte,
I wish I could have you today.

Dear D (or whatever name I gave you),
Thank you for the lurve-thing. Me likey a lot :)

The last,

Dear October,
Thank you. You are wondeful!

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