Friday, February 11, 2011


I wish i don't ramble again about my thesis. Yeah, it doesn't run too smooth and i realized it. Sometimes i even think that i screw it and the best thing i could do is turn off my laptop and put it on its bag, or i'll watch some serials (i'm back to Friends -again? yes!- and HIMYM). I miss my sanctuary. Sometimes i feel like i couldn't make any progress if i don't do it there.

Things i miss about my sanctuary :
1. Sleep all day with my own bedcover
2. Hit eeyores, hold them tight. Oh, i miss them.
3. Turn off the lamp while sleeping and all day. Hihihi.
4. Eat my meals in bed.
5. Err, while having a call with sweetest boyfriend :)
6. Stay up late with tv's on but all i listening to is boyfriend.
7. Messing up my bedroom. It's true. Huff.
8. Picking and matching my shoes, bags and clothes.
9. Or even arranging them. Tiring but fun!
10. Ahh, i miss my sanctuary.

ps : my sanctuary is my room in Jakarta. I spend the last 3 years on that room. Many stories happened there. Not too special actually, but i knew i could finish my thesis faster if i do it there. I just know it.
(backsound : Home-Michael Buble)

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