Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Disney On Ice

Hi there!
It was my picture in Disney On Ice - World Tour 2011 in Istora Senayan last week. I was there with boyfriend. The show was a kinda bit boring to me. Hehehe. Not to mention that I feel old being there as an adult among all the kids, their babysitters and mommies. In fact, I was yawning for several times, so does boyfriend. The characters weren't my favorite, that's why I don't feel the urge to collect any of it. But boyfriend insisted me to buy one of them, so I chose a CARS bottle. Boyfriend used it the most. Hehehe.

Anyway, I was glad to watch the show, especially boyfriend was there with me. We had fun these days and Disney On Ice started my days with him around. I'm looking forward to watch another show. I knew, Disney will give their best performance for us. So, hurry up, Disney On Ice, I'll wait for you! :)
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