Thursday, April 28, 2011

Happy 5!

You know what is the worst thing of being in a LDR? For me, the worst thing is you can't always have your boy or girlfriend beside you in every situation. Name it birthday ( thank God I was born on a holiday. Hehe), graduation, saturday night (ouch) and anniversary.

As for me and boyfriend, our 5 months anniversary, yesterday, was the second anniversary we had together. The three others we celebrate it in a different place and different city. So, when boyfriend was in town yesterday, we won't waste time. We celebrated it together. Started with my most favorite burger in town, Burger King. And we watched Gnomeo and Juliet. A movie which I had waited for so long. I've once watched it myself in my laptop, but never finished it. There are just 10 people in the theater. Yeah, the film wasn't a new release one. Then we ended it with a fancy dinner at Bakerzin.

Yesterday was a nice celebratory for our monthly anniversary. I'm looking forward on another celebration, though I knew it won't happen any sooner. But for what I had yesterday, I thanked God that boyfriend were here. I'm beyond happiness. Happy Five for us, boyfriend ♥♡
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Anonymous said...

Love u omma... :)